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Show Experience 

I have preformed for different agencies. There I have picked up my experience

outside of the competition world. 

Here are some highlights:

- Summer Efteling 2016 (het 9 pleinen festijn) 

- Show night at Artis Amsterdam 

- Circus show Bubblelonia (about the Corona pandemic)

- Sirene an outside show with water 


You can find video's of my previous performance on

 my YouTube channel.

& here is the link to my YouTube channel 



When you book a performance with me that means it is included with costume and make-up. I have different costumes for different acts. 

It's possible to create a special routine for your event. Let's say you would like to have your story telling through the act, in that case we can select music, costume and theme together. 

If you are interested in having your own story through a routine pleas let me know. 

Send me a e-mail on my contact page. 


DB-45 (Custom).jpg

How much a performance cost depends on different things, as in how long a performance is, which materials I need to bring etcentra. 

But to give you a idea prices for a performances are starting from €150,- 

This depends on how you would like the performance to be, if you choose for a routine I already have made with a costume I already own the price for one act stays lower than if you want to choose the music and/or wants to help design the costume. 

We can design a special act just for your event, if you like this. Pleas send me a e-mail. 


- Aerial hoop solo

- Aerial hoop duo

- Aerial heart solo

- Aerial heart duo 

- Aerial moon solo 

- Aerial moon duo 

- Lyara pole solo

- Lyara pole duo 

- Pole dance solo

- Poledance duo 

- Handstand cans solo

- Contortion solo 

DB-60 (Custom).jpg

Demi Brama

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