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National Champion

 5 time national champion & a world record 

On 24 & 25 juni 2023 the Dutch Nationals pole and aerial sports where held in Ede 

I competed at 5 disciplines.

1st place                 Aerial Hoop                     Score 54.7

1st place                 Artistic Aerial Pole          Score 62.7

1st place                 Artistic Hoop                   Score 83.7    NWR

1st place                Pole Sports                       Score 47.7

1st place                Aerial Pole Sports            Score 41.9

Whit this result I qualified myself for the world championships in Poland. 

World Record 

I broke the word record with my artistic hoop routine I'm currently on the first place at the world ranking.


Demonstration at NK Show Dance 

At 4 June 2023 I gave a demonstration at the nationals for show dance held by the NADB. 

I gave this demonstration with 3 other girls:

Iris japers 

Berber Verbeeck 

Zhanar Verbeeck 

Demonstration at nsk 

Togheter with Iris Japsers I gave a demonstration at The Dutch Club title for students 

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